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Managua, Nicaragua – March 4, 2017

On March 4, 2017, the Brooklyn Digital Conservatory will be presenting for the first time in Managua, Nicaragua in partnership with DJLAB.  It will be the first Ableton Certified workshop ever in Nicaragua.

NYC Disco/House Basics: Part 2: Larry Levan and the Paradise Garage – 10 Tracks

In Part One of this series about Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards, I looked at the economic and political situation that led to the disintegration of the quality of life in NYC - which turned out to actually help the [...]

NYC Disco/House Basics: Part 1: Nile Rodgers/Bernard Edwards – 10 Tracks

A friend recently asked me to put together a playlist of the best NYC disco/house tracks.  As I thought about it, I was actually overwhelmed by the amount of tracks I could put on.  Would I go obvious or go [...]

Upcoming Workshops – 2017

We're happy to announce an exciting series of workshops in 2017.  The Brooklyn Digital Conservatory will be doing workshops throughout Latin America including: Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Cuba. Our first courses will run [...]