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3 Free Ableton Audio Effects Racks

  I wanted to share 3 Audio Effects Racks that I designed for Ableton Live.  These can be used for performance or production. (Click here for the download until September 1, 2020) I encourage you to open up the racks [...]

20 Great Live Electronic Music Performances Using Ableton Live: Post #1

(Aqui para la version en Español) In the past month I have taught two online classes on live performance with Ableton Live and laptops - one for DJLab’s (Costa Rica) Certificate Program in Music Production with Ableton Live and one [...]

How to Teach Music Production Online With High Quality Audio

Hi everyone:  As everything gets crazier, more people are going to have to spend more time essentially locked into their houses.  We’ve taken our classes online here at DJLab in San Jose, Costa Rica and through trial and error, have [...]

Tips For Teaching Online, Particularly Music Production

  BACKGROUND:  In 2005, shortly after my son was born, I realized that I needed another source of income.  I had been making somewhat of a living playing gigs around New York City as a bass player which included playing [...]