Dan Freeman (CØm1x) in Santiago, Chile: August 17 – 21, 2015

Dubspot International, 101 Training and BKDigiCon.com are partnering up for the first time to offer a special 30 hour, 5 day course on Production and Performance with Ableton Live 9 and PUSH from August 17 – 21, 2015 from 11:00AM – 5:00 PM. This course will be unique for several reasons:

  • Students will receive a free copy of Ableton Live 9 Suite.
  • Students will receive discounts on the Ableton PUSH.
  • Students will receive credit at Dubspot so that those who wish to continue with Dubspot’s 6 Level Ableton Producer Certificate in New York or online can begin at Level 2
  • Students will receive credit at 101 Training so that students who wish to continue with 101 Training’s Ableton Producer Certificate can begin at Level 2
  • Enrolled students will receive a 25% discount off any Dubspot NYC and 50% discount on any online course they wish to purchase.
  • Enrolled students will receive Certificate of Completion with the Dubspot International and 101 Training Logo.
  • One attendee of the course will qualify to win a free Dubspot online Ableton Live Course

This 30 hour course will be taught in Spanish by Ableton Certified Trainer and Director of Dubspot International and the Brooklyn Digital Conservatory Dan Freeman (CØm1x).  Dan has been a senior instructor at Dubspot since 2011 and has given workshops on Ableton Live at festivals, universities and schools worldwide including at: SXSW (Austin, US), Harvard University (US), The Strøm Festival (Denmark), IATEC (Brazil), AIMEC (Brazil) The Universidad de Caldas (Colombia), The Universidad de Santiago (Chile) and at Sonar (Spain).

This course will meet daily from August 17  – August 21, 2015 between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM at 101 Training.  It will be limited to 18 students.

The course will cover the following topics:

Part I: Building Beats

  1. How to construct beats with Ableton Live’s Drum Rack
  2. Building kicks with synths
  3. Techniques for writing great beats
  4. Mixing and sound designing beats
  5. Beat making with the Ableton PUSH

Part II: Building Bass Lines

  1. How to sound design a bass sound on an Analog synth using Ableton’s Analog and the Moog Minitaur
  2. How to write a good bass line
  3. Techniques for fattening up bass
  4. Recording and using electric bass

Part III: Pads, Stabs. Melody

  1. How to create dynamic and interesting pads and stabs using Ableton’s Operator, Analog and Instrument and Audio Effect Racks.
  2. Designing lead sounds using Ableton’s Sampler instrument and multisampling
  3. Utilizing external synths in your production
  4. Reverb and Delay techniques for space.

Part IV: Vocals

  1. Students will focus on techniques for recording and mixing vocals in Ableton Live 9.
  2. Students will learn about compression and EQ techniques for vocals
  3. Students will learn how to build a vocoder.

Part V: Mixing & Performance

  1. Students will learn how to mix a track in a laptop studio
  2. Students will learn how to set up and prepare a mix
  3. Proper mix effect chains
  4. Saturation, EQ, Compression and Delay
  5. Setting up mix reverbs and delays
  6. Mix bus effects.
  7. How to set up a live set in Ableton Live.
  8. Students will receive a basic mix template.
  9. Performance techniques with the Ableton PUSH

To reserve a spot, please feel free to either pay in full or put down a deposit of $180.00. A DEPOSIT MUST BE PAID BY AUGUST 1, 2015 TO RESERVE A SPOT IN THE COURSE.  Full payment will be due on August 8, 2015. Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal.

For more information, contact 101 Training at: [email protected] or call +56 09 7 7014577.  You can also contact the Brooklyn Digital Conservatory at: [email protected]

For more on the course, visit the Facebook event page